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It is a fact that there is still much skepticism about Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) in schools, among parents and even in the medical field. Our mission is to create a place of international access where kids, parents and teachers from all over the world can come to find information and helpful resources for APD.

It is especially important to create awareness about APD among parents and teachers in order to promote early intervention in school age children so that proper diagnosis can be made if and when the situation requires.

We all know that knowledge is power, so it is our mission to pass on this knowledge to parents and teachers so that they all have the power to be able to identify possible cases of children with APD and take the proper steps to refer these children to adequate evaluations.


Our Motto, "Keep it Simple...for a brighter future!" reflects the most important point to keep in mind when dealing with someone diagnosed with APD. Since complex directions or conversations are difficult for people with APD to process, it is essential that we keep this in mind when communicating ideas and thoughts. Clear, concise and simple expressions of thought should be given to children or adults with APD in order for them to respond to an effective communication.

This motto can and should be applied to our every day lives. So much of our time is spent in the overwhelming tasks of school, work, homework, etc. that we often forget to stop and enjoy the moment before it slips away. So, join us and Keep it Simple when communicating with your child/adult with APD and Keep it Simple every day so that you can enjoy all of life's moments!